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Unforgettable Outback ExperienceWelcome to Harry Nanya Tours and the famous Mungo National Park of the World Heritage Willandra Lakes

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My name is Graham Clarke I am a traditional Paakantyi aboriginal. Harry Nanya Tours is my company and for 20 years people from all over the world have been joining me on a journey back in time through this ancient land.

Lake Mungo is a part of the Willandra Lakes system, back in 1981 it was listed as a World Heritage site and is now documented as one the oldest places for human occupation dating back to Aboriginal life from around 60,000 years ago to the present day.

The lakes dried up an approximate 18,000 years ago now the shores known as “The Walls of China” or “lunette” for its 30km crescent shape of sand dunes now shows clear evidence of camp fires and cooking hearth of the aboriginal people as they sat around the once full lake.

Now with the natural erosion, the shoreline stands with eroding pinnacles of sand and clay in vibrant colours of the earth and breathtaking scenery's. Take our current Tour >>


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